Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below to ensure you are utilizing the lip balms accurately!

How do I know if these are safe for my lips?

  • Please read ingredient list carefully before purchase to ensure no allergy or irritation concerns may occur. As we use only natural ingredients, doing a small patch test is always recommended before consistent use.

Any side effects to expect?

  • When using the exfoliating lip balm, peeling may occur. The peeling is nothing to be worried about as it is just shedding your dead skin off! Another major side effect to be aware of is SOFT, MOISTURIZED lips!

When would I start to see a difference with my lip color or texture?

  • When using OLO Lip Care, it is important to know that consistency is key. What can prolong your journey to better lips is if you continue to use other lip balms that contain alcohol and other preservatives and still use OLO Lip care. That clash can delay results. 

How does your Hydrating lip balms protect our lips from the sun?

  • OLO Lip Care Hydrating uses Shea Butter, and Zinc Oxide which are two sun protectant ingredients. OLO Lip Care does not wish to use the words "sunscreen" or "SPF" as it is not FDA determined and very minimal zinc oxide is utilized to consider it such terms.